How to fix damage to your tree trunks

At some point prevention of tree trunk wounds fails and you have to deal with the wounds on the tree trunks in your property. With this being said, there are procedures you can do which can help a tree to contain and compartmentalise its own trunk wounds. Here are tips to treat tree trunk wounds. Some are embraced by professionals. You can also find an ecological surveyor who can guide in the task.

Scribing Around the Tree Wound

Take a sharp knife and cut away the dead and injured bark from the wounds. This will accelerate the healing process of the tree and making it more attractive in the landscape. You can scribe the wound in the shape of a vertical ellipse which will lessen decaying and encourage the growth of a callus by the bark.

The point is to remove the rotten bark and encourage the bark to form with the healthy wood an interface, which encourages the compartmentalisation process. Even if scribing actually enlarges the size of the wound, it works in most cases.

Improving Tree’s Vigour

One great way of increasing the vigour of a tree is by properly pruning it. Remove dead and dying branches to encourage the growth of a more attractive specimen. You also need to remove from the ground near a tree dead, fallen, pruned branches. All these are efforts to sanitise a tree’s site which significantly improves its vigour which in turn encourages wound healing.

Note that a clean site lowers the number of pathogens and pests as well as their chances of attacking the tree through the wounds. Other ways of increasing the vigour of a tree include thinning out less valuable trees which reduces competition for nutrients. The higher valued specimen but the wounded tree will then get nourishment and vigour which accelerates the healing process. Remember proper fertilising and watering also improve tree health.

Wound Dressing

There are concerns as to whether wound dressing is effective. Your ecological surveyor may tell you that this is a process done for cosmetic effect since this is what most tree experts believe. The wound dressing may actually not have any healing benefit but it can definitely improve the appearance of a damaged tree. You should be careful about painting the bark as it hinders the healing process as found out by professionals.

Involve a Professional

These are tips not endorsed by many tree experts but some work really well. They also make the wounded tree look attended to. You can talk to your ecological surveyor. This is an expert who can not only advice on tips to heal tree trunk wounds but provide treatment to the same trees. A tree professional usually employs proven treatment measures guaranteed to produce results.