Swedish bed maker Vividus offers custom designed £145,000 bed

Bed shops Shrewsbury are now offering a custom-designed continental bed made by four highly skilled artisans from Hästens workshop located in Köping, Sweden. The executive bed has a wool and cotton battling, horsetail hair, layers of flax, steel springs, and a pinewood frame. Although the price is quite higher, the ROI is also higher because it can serve you for more than two decades. If the bed enables you to enjoy eight hours of blissful sleep for 25 years, you will only be paying £1.75 for each hour. Although the bed has no guarantee, it comes with superior pillows that guarantee the ultimate comfort.

The Vividus bed aligns with the contemporary wellness science: with blissful night sleep you will prevent aging, keep a better shape, function better, learn quickly and live longer. Therefore, the bed is worth than a collectible timepiece or a high-end Mercedes. If you visit the bed shops Shrewsbury, you will wonder how an ordinary bed can be so expensive but a closer analysis shows that the bed is worth the investment. According to Bob Cooper, the vice president of the international retail at Hästen, the initial Vividus bed was released in 2006 and took almost one week to create and was selling at £99,056.

In the last one decade since the release of the first version, the Swedish bed maker has designed a version that regulates the body temperature and provides the ultimate support for perfect and blissful night sleep. There is no need to use plastic materials or night-trapping rubber. The new version takes nearly two weeks to complete and the bed maker primarily relies on just four experienced and certified craftsmen. Once a customer places an order, it takes 10 weeks or more to complete and deliver the Vividus bed.

 Accounting for the £145,000 Cost
The overall cost commences at the bottom. The northern Swedish pine is slow growing but it is used for the wooden frame. A box spring made of several layers of flax and pure steel springs then sits on top of the pine frame. An extraordinary mattress sits on top of the box spring and holds additional springs, layers of wool battling and cotton, and also a horsehair lining. The “topper” or the mattress pad also comes with its individual layers of horsehair, wool, and cotton.

Horsehair is very critical since it creates the ultimate bounce after braiding the hair by hand and unwinding it. Each of the single curled strands functions just like a tiny spring, offering superior pliability and support. The cumulative effect of the horsehair strands is that they make the user feel as if the legs are slightly raised while sleeping on the luxurious bed. The next time you visit bed shops Shrewsbury, consider the Vividus bed and you will enjoy “sleeping on the cloud” each night.