What is currently impacting the pre-school market?

The preschool market, like every other market, is in constant change. It is overcrowded and competitive, but the opportunities for change and development are huge. The preschool market has historically been a crowded sector due to its richness and the many different possibilities it offers. It is in constant change, depending on the educational and parenting tendencies. The understanding of children well-being and educational needs is what sets the rules for the market.

Nevertheless, there is something that’s above of all that. something that, in some way, motivates the rest of the changes. The core of all this evolution. It is, as in every other market sector, the technological advances.

Tri-factor societal changes: First of all, one of the main reasons why the preschool market is changing is because the parenting style is changing. Parents have a different understanding of what their kids need, and that changes who the market approaches them. Secondly, we have a different understanding of how children develop today. Many studies in that regard have been carried out to investigate what is the best way to help a child develop correctly, and what are their most important needs for that. These two reasons are having a very important impact on the market, but the core of these changes is technology.

The Impact of technology

We are experiencing what we might call the “technological era”. Nowadays, everything changes so fast that we have not even finished implementing an advancement when we are already moving to the next.

Technology is the one which motivates those fast changes. Since the technological boom at the beginning of the 20th century, many market sectors have been completely transformed, and some other have directly disappeared for the sake of progress, while we have seen the birth of some new technology-based market sectors.

Thus, as the preschool market was not going to be the exception, it is safe to say that technology is the main responsible for this change.

Entertainment platforms

Entertainment platforms, such as YouTube are starting to play an important role in the children development process. It is now easier than ever to have access to entertainment content adapted for different ages. Moreover, parents can set parental control so that the kids can operate the devices autonomously and safely.

This is a new niche in the market. The content consumed by the children comes with lots of merchandising in the form of toys and stuffed animals that are acclaimed by the little fans.  This newness is bringing some important changes, but it is also bringing some important solutions to some of the market’s problems, such as the improvement in multicultural toys‌.

A possible solution to the overpopulation of the market

In the first paragraphs of this article, we had already stated that this market is overcrowded. Although it is a big, rich market, there are so many firms that want to take advantage of it that might get a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, experts find in these entertainment platforms a possible solution. Children develop between the ages of 6 months to five years faster than in any other point in their lives. These changes mean a lot at that stage.

The content consumed by the smallest ones can be divided into smaller niches according to the kids’ age so that firms can decide which niche they are going to direct their activity too.